Joyful Sharing for Mission

2 06 2014
Steve Jones

by Steve Jones, presiding bishop

This statement from the 2014 February Herald article, “Tithing as Spiritual Practice,” has generated several comments and questions. The most common response: “If we give to our ‘true capacity’ through the spiritual practice of tithing, how would the mission of the church be impacted?”

First, I will assume joyful sharing from our true capacity will provide additional mission tithes for worldwide ministries. With that assumption:

“…By the grace of God, you are poised to fulfill God’s ultimate vision for the church” (Doctrine and Covenants 164:9a).

We have been called to make Christ’s mission our mission by living out Christ’s whole mission through these five Mission Initiatives:

  • Invite People to Christ
  • Abolish Poverty, End Suffering
  • Pursue Peace on Earth
  • Develop Disciples to Serve
  • Experience Congregations in Mission

Remember that all five Mission Initiatives need to be integrated and expressed—working together, not separately—in each mission opportunity for us to embrace Christ’s whole mission. So with additional tithing, here are some mission opportunities:

Start the church in new nations and expand in existing nations.

We know that in nations where the church is present, many mission opportunities exist to expand ministries. And each year we receive contacts from new nations, inviting us to share Christ’s whole mission.

Revitalize congregations in the USA and Canada.

We need more Spirit-led and highly trained leaders equipped with cutting-edge resources. By adding new leaders and with existing leaders empowering all ages, congregations can be transformed.

Develop new ministries in the USA and Canada.

We are called to make the peaceable kingdom real for those seeking Christ’s loving embrace and to transform congregations, neighborhoods, and communities. We must develop and implement innovated mission models so the church remains relevant in people’s lives.

Expand the Temple as a global peace center.

The world we occupy desperately needs peace, reconciliation, and healing. With additional tithing, expansion of existing ministries and creation of new ministries from the Temple would broaden God’s promise of universal shalom.

Update and expand church communications to support growth of mission.

Targeted and consistent communications are needed so congregations can move from being “poised to fulfill God’s vision” to action. Frequent, informative, and uplifting stories with current and relevant resources can provide mission tools for members to share Christ’s whole mission.

Together let us joyfully share from our true capacity so Christ’s whole mission is offered to a world in need.




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