If All Are Called, Does that Mean Me?

9 04 2014

By Matthew Wait,
World Service Corps

Patrick Chunda of Zambia and Matthew Waite

Patrick Chunda of Zambia and Matthew Waite


If All Are Called, as the Enduring Principle says, does that mean me, too? Several months ago I felt like I should apply for World Service Corps, and I didn’t know why. It didn’t make sense for me to drop everything to go spend my summer in Zambia.

I had a good job, I was in the middle of school, and I would miss a lot of fun events at home. So I brushed the feeling away and moved on.

Then it came back. Again I brushed it off and moved on, and then I sought guidance. I prayed, and I opened myself to listen to God. Before I knew it, I was sitting in church in Zambia.

When I arrived, I felt less prepared and more out of place than I could have imagined. I thought “Matt what have you gotten yourself into? You’re in way over your head here.” I felt more alone than ever. So I prayed, and I prayed, and then I prayed a little bit more. When I opened my eyes, my eyes were opened to an amazing community thousands of miles from home, and yet I felt like I belonged.

Strangers took me into their homes, and after only a couple of hours they felt like family. I got involved in the community with every opportunity I had. I joined a choir (much to the community’s chagrin, I’m sure), taught Sunday school, led a youth group, and even preached three weeks in a row!

Although I’m not positive what the Lord is using me for, I know God is using me. I still haven’t figured out what I’m called to do, but I know I am called. I promise if God is using me, then God definitely wants to use you, too!

Africa has taught me to live John 15:16 NRSV: “You did not choose me but I chose you.”

We all are chosen. We all are wanted. And we All Are Called!




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9 04 2014

Matthew, you’ve described so well, the persistent call of God, and the inexplicable ways in which strangers become community through Christ’s love and presence with us! Thank you!

9 04 2014

Yes, all are called to share the love and grace of God. No one needs any certification or degree to love one another. Thank you for sharing your testimony Matthew.

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