Helping to Pursue Peace

26 03 2014
Chaplain Ken Stobaugh discusses the unique cross  in the Temple with a visitor.

Chaplain Ken Stobaugh discusses the unique cross
in the Temple with a visitor.

By Ken Stobaugh,
Independence, Missouri, USA

Being a chaplain at International Headquarters is challenging and most rewarding. Several faithful ministers, charged with being a presence, fill this need.

At times we express this presence by visiting offices in the Temple and Auditorium. Other times we are called to meet the needs of those who come to headquarters for a friendly ear or the sacrament of laying on of hands for the sick.

Recently a woman and her husband came to the Temple. She felt deeply in need of administration. We spent time sharing, followed by a rich experience through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes the chaplain accompanies guided tours. This is to help answer questions without interrupting the flow of the tour. Such questions may address doctrine, history, or the architecture and construction of the Temple.

The Temple holds two notebooks, one at the top of the Worshiper’s Path, the other in the Meditation Chapel. People can write down concerns. Chaplains check these entries each day and offer prayers.
The chaplains are faithful to their mission statement:

The Temple Chaplaincy is a ministerial witness of Jesus Christ—providing the ministry of presence, pastoral care, and counsel for headquarters complex visitors and staff. Chaplaincy ministries are focused on the divine call to peace; affirming that life is sacred, that it is affirmed only when all persons are acknowledged as worthwhile and loved.

Those who serve help to Pursue Peace on Earth.



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