Go Buy a Piano

24 03 2014

By Jena Wight
Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

Jena Wight uses her gifts and passions to pursue Christ’s mission.

Jena Wight uses her gifts and passions to pursue Christ’s mission.

I recently read an article by a famous pianist. In it, he challenges the reader to “find what you love and let it kill you.” He says maybe you love the idea of being able to play the piano. So instead of watching TV after work, he says, why don’t you spend a hundred bucks on a used piano, get yourself a teacher, and spend 40 minutes a day practicing. After a few weeks you could play a Chopin nocturne.

Or maybe you love to write. So you’ve joined a book club. But wait—you love to write. So what are you doing in a book club? Go find a writers club. One where you bring a few pages of writing to each week’s meeting.

The point is, push yourself. Make your life about progress and growth rather than acceptance and complacency.

As followers of Jesus, we should be joining writers clubs and buying pianos—metaphorically speaking. What does it look like for you—you personally—to be working to build the kingdom of God on Earth? What does it look like—and I mean really, really look like—for you to embrace and live out one (or all five) Mission Initiatives?

Stop and think about it. When you have your answer, stop and think again. If you like writing and you join a book club, you haven’t put yourself in a position of true growth and opportunity. If you love God and want to help the world, allow yourself to really do that.

Doctrine and Covenants 163:1 says:

“Community of Christ,” your name, given as a divine blessing, is your identity and calling. If you will discern and embrace its full meaning, you will not only discover your future, you will become a blessing to the whole creation. Do not be afraid to go where it beckons you to go.

Replace “Community of Christ” with your name. Read that scripture as if it’s meant for you. If you will discern and embrace your full meaning, you will discover your future—and you will bless the whole of creation.

If you, as one person, can “bless the whole of creation,” what can a group of people accomplish? Apply this concept on a larger scale! What does this mean for your family, your congregation, and the church on a local, national, and international scale?

We’ve been called to Develop Disciples to Serve. Will you encourage your congregation to read a Bible verse every day? Will you challenge and equip each individual to devote time each day for study, prayer, and spiritual practice? Will you encourage yourself and others to learn skills that can help carry out the mission of Jesus Christ?

We’ve been called to Experience Congregations in Mission. If your congregation is being called to reach out to the neighborhood, will you put flyers in door handles? Or will you develop ongoing relationships by meeting, visiting with, and intentionally inviting people in a personal, real way?

We each should push ourselves. Go deeper! Ask questions, find answers, and then ask the questions again. Embrace your gifts and your passions, and then go buy a piano.




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