“I Have Food”

22 11 2013

By Jim Holloway, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

My wife, Sue, and I were visiting Bonnie, a friend in Mississippi who with the help of several churches was providing leadership for a pantry in Ocean Springs.

One day, I spent the entire morning at the pantry doing whatever Bonnie asked. The next day, about 10 minutes before closing, a young man came in to see about getting food for his family—himself, his wife, and two preschool children.

Bonnie had him fill out required paperwork while volunteers filled bags with food.

Then a volunteer offered to help him carry the food to his car. He told us he had walked about four blocks to the pantry. A volunteer offered to give him a ride, and I decided to go along.

When we got to the efficiency motel where he and his family were staying, I got out of the car to help unload the food. I cried when I heard the young man tell his wife, “I have food.”

The scripture from Matthew about feeding the multitudes came to life for me that day, and all I had done is ride with a volunteer. Thank you, Bonnie and all the volunteers at the Samaritan Ministry Food Pantry.



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