Mama Katarina

20 11 2013

By Margaret Mwamba Chilolo,
Chingola, Zambia

Mama Katarina

Mama Katarina

I met Mama Katarina in the late 1980s. She was tall, slim, in her late 60s. Katarina had no children and depended greatly on the church for support. She had poor vision, caused by cataracts on both eyes. While walking, she usually used a stick to find her way.

She stayed with an elderly friend in a small shelter with little food. It was hard for Katarina. Being old and barren was a big issue among the people in the community. Some called her a witch and left her alone to suffer.

The church saw the need to help Mama Katarina and her friend by taking them to the hospital to remove the cataracts. I was assigned to escort them to Kitwe Central Hospital, about 50 kilometers from Chingola.

The day before we left, I went to Kasompe, where Katarina lived, to make travel arrangements.

I sat on a small stool outside her hut. My heart filled with sorrow. Mama Katarina was lonely and had no proper clothes. I was touched and asked the congregation’s pastor to come to a shop I was running to pick up dresses for Mama Katarina and her friend.

When we arrived at the hospital, both women were booked for surgery. They were in the hospital for one week, and then I brought them back to Kasompe.

Mama Katarina and her friend felt the love of God through the church and the members. Their sight improved tremendously, and they were grateful for what God did in their lives.

Christ’s mission was made real in Mama Katarina’s life. She felt loved and was accepted into the community. Discrimination and hostility became things of the past. Peace was restored in her life.



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22 11 2013
Barb Kernohan

We take so much for granted. Thank you for sharing the above stories that fill my heart with great joy.

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