You Can’t Put God in a Box

18 11 2013

By Riva Teihotaata and Chrystal Vanel, Paris, France

The tomb is empty as we can’t put God in a box. This is what Community of Christ members and friends learned during the Paris Congregation’s Easter service in France as they celebrated Christ’s resurrection and took part in several Mission Initiatives.

The warmth of an Easter celebration attracted many people to the Paris Congregation.

The warmth of an Easter celebration attracted many people to the Paris Congregation.

Among the participants, many were nonmembers, friends encouraged to come by members in an effort to Invite People to Christ.

During Sunday school, participants sought to Develop Disciples to Serve by continuing their discovery and discussion on Community of Christ Basic Beliefs, from the We Share document. The focus was on creation.

After our little brother, Kimi, read from the Basic Beliefs, participants turned to the Genesis stories of creation and learned how God made female and male equal partners for Earth stewardship. Members sought to Pursue Peace on Earth by discussing how poor human choices can have terrible repercussions on nature and humankind. As an example, they cited French nuclear testing on the seashores of French Polynesia, which caused numerous cancers.

Then they shared in an Easter worship. As most participants were from Tahiti, music and songs were important parts of the worship, which centered on scriptures and Communion. Participants learned about the magnificent living God, too big to enclose in a box (“tomb”). They were reminded that Easter is not about chocolate only, but about deliverance from slavery and death, about the hope of a new “first day,” a new “early dawn” (Luke 24:1 NRSV).

Following the service they Experienced Congregations in Mission by welcoming the visit of Thierry and Amélie. They celebrated Amélie’s cancer remission and shared a snack.



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