When, Earth…When Did We See You?

20 07 2013

By Lu Mountenay, Independence, Missouri, USA

Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globe   Alex Max | Dreamstime

Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globe
Alex Max | Dreamstime

The stewards said to the sacred Earth, “When did we hurt you?”

Then the Earth said to the stewards, “I was gasping for breath, and you suffocated me—you contaminated my air and destroyed my protective shield. I was thirsty, and the waters that you did not imprison in plastic vessels, you consumed and polluted.

“I was whole, and you cut the snowy peaks off my mountains and laid them low. You filled my deep valleys with toxic sludge. My forests were green and full of life-giving oxygen, and you cleared away my trees, leaving barren stubble. The waves of my seas were high, mighty, and teeming with fish, and you left them stagnant, laden with mercury. You eroded my shores.

“I was abundant with energy, a gift for your children’s children, and you greedily depleted my storehouse. I was delightfully naked, and you clothed me with trash. I was full of resources, and you scraped up my chemicals, processed them in a way my Creator never meant them to be, and then exploded them.

“I revealed traces of hidden things for your benefit, and you left me with intruding footprints of carbon and tetrachloride. I was free, and you imprisoned me with bars of apathy. I was creation itself, and your blinders of power would not let you see me for the living gift that I am.

“Some of my prophetic people sent warnings, but you laughed. Some of my inhabitants tried to protect me, but your laws and regulations were feeble. Some disciples offered solutions of green, but you said the cost was too high. I welcomed you to dwell with me, yet you made me a stranger.”

Then the stewards said, “Holy Earth, when was it that we did these things? When did we betray you?”

And the Earth said, “It was not only what you did, but what you failed to do.”

Then the stewards again asked, “Earth…Earth, when? When did we see you cry and not respond? When did we feel you shudder and not comfort you?”

And the Earth answered, “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to me, you did it to yourselves…and your children’s children.”—Based on Matthew 25:32–40




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