World Conference Voices – 4

26 06 2013

The list of things people enjoy during World Conference is as diverse as the delegates themselves. Lauren Logan of Integrated Communications asked many people, “What do you like most about World Conference?” Some of their responses:

Christian Skoorsmith, Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center
“There are so many things—of course there’s always the friends and seeing the church leaders. But I think it was all of the legislation that came. We had some really good discussions, and it was really powerful.”

Max Stuck, Lamoni-Heartland USA Mission Center
“The most enjoyable aspect for me was kind of recognizing how spread out the church was. I was kind of overwhelmed by how well represented we were in the world, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around that.”

Shirley Truelove, Cedar Valley-Nauvoo USA Mission Center
“I guess I enjoyed the evening services the most.”

Leah Wheeler, Greater Pacific USA Mission Center
“I enjoyed the fellowship that we’re able to participate in at World Conference, and to be able to hear the different opinions on the different things that we’re talking about. A lot of the stuff…I haven’t heard the opposing side, so it’s really important…to be able to see all the different perspectives.”

Wen-Chen Wu, East Asia Mission Center
“I like discussions, and I feel like we are family. We talk about important things that’ll be better for our future. I appreciate that.”




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