World Conference Voices – 2

21 06 2013

The list of things people enjoy during World Conference is as diverse as the delegates themselves. Lauren Logan of Integrated Communications asked many people, “What do you like most about World Conference?” Some of their responses:

Naomi Barlow, Rocky Mountain USA Mission Center
“Fellowship and being together. My Community of Christ people are my favorite people, so we get to come together for a whole week.”

Julius Sackor Dixon, Ivory Coast Liberia Mission Center
“I think I see truly our Enduring Principles put into practice and come across because I see a lot of people from different cultures sit down together with our brothers and sisters in Christ. The resolutions, many are not African, but it’s good we all sat down, discussed them, came to consensus, and can move forward.”

Linda Donahoe, Bountiful USA Mission Center
“I love the celebrations, the music, and the festivals. I think that’s wonderful. I like all the interaction of the foreign- and the English-speaking people, and I really have had a ball with that. I like the deliberation on the Conference floor, ’cause that’s important, but it’s also frustrating.”

Iniobong Edet, Nigeria Mission Centre
“It’s very inviting. You learn much about the church and the worth of all people.”

Ralph Gault, Southwest International (Mexico/USA) Mission Center
“President (Steve) Veazey’s patience.”



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