…and When You Come, Drink from the Well

26 05 2013

By Darrell L. Belrose,
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

People at the Prince Albert Congregation’s retreat were able to drink in the Spirit’s presence.

People at the Prince Albert Congregation’s retreat were able to drink in the Spirit’s presence.

Come to the Well” seemed like any other retreat the church or a congregation may use in invitation. But this one was different, very different.

This retreat transformed my life inwardly and led to an outward transformation of self. It didn’t happen suddenly. Rather, it occurred gently and slowly over several months.

Success has been intermittent, bumpy, and challenging. But the call to “come to the well” and drink deeply has echoed in my soul since this event.

In recent months we have been invited to slow down, be still, and know God wishes to bless us as we develop skills to experience the Holy personally.

Our retreat mornings were group devotions, individual reflections, meditation, and then time spent in the Kirtland Temple for personal prayer, reflection, journaling, and more. Our afternoons were classes on being still and leadership development. Then we formed groups of four or five to develop personal accountability and relationships to the degree that we could become transparent with one another. Our evening closed with worship.

How can four structured days make a difference? How did this relate to our Enduring Principles and Mission Initiatives? Can this type of event really change lives?

One example is expressed in the Prince Albert Congregation in the Canada West Mission Centre. At this writing, members twice have experienced a similar “retreating” for spiritual growth and discernment. Now they’re preparing for a third.

Are you envisioning a large group? I have been blessed to be among the seven to 10 members who gathered to experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit through meditation, classes, table ministry, and socializing! We have become family. We don’t remain in a cocooned environment but seek God’s will in ministering outward as needs become known.

This is what the peaceable kingdom of God is all about. As people come to “their well” for nourishment, guidance, and dwelling in the Word, they sense opportunity to be vulnerable to the Spirit, to be refreshed, and to hunger to be on mission with transformed peaceful hearts.

I give thanks for my encounter with newness. “Holy Spirit, mold me, melt me, use me” in personal, congregational, and community settings!



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26 05 2013
Nancy Barnett

lovely article. the intimacy of sharing in small group is so important to my faith

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