Recommit to Generosity

26 02 2013

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we accept responsibility for sharing generously with others. Our sharing is in response to the gift of God’s love for every person.

Ways we express gratitude to God are by staying committed to sharing generously, saving wisely, and spending responsibly according to our true capacity. One great tool to ensure you meet your goals in Canada and the USA is to sign up, or update your form for PAT (pre-authorized monthly checking account transfers). Your gifts to local and worldwide ministries can be set up through the form linked at

In November, contributors around the world gave an estimated $975,000 in world mission tithes. That brings us to $4.9 million toward the $14.85 million budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. Please consider the needs for ministry around the world as you plan your 2013 response to God’s generous grace, and thank you for your continued generosity.

Your sustainable giving helps:
Invite People to Christ: Make a Difference Camp in Ohio encourages inner-city children and youth to develop relationships with each other, nature, and God. Several have been baptized and confirmed, and more have started a journey that could lead them to the sacraments.

Abolish Poverty, End Suffering: “Love Is a Verb” class at an Eastern Great Lakes USA Mission Center camp gave junior-high youth a chance to do projects benefiting an interfaith ministry that helps preschoolers and many more in the community.

Pursue Peace on Earth: The Atlanta-based Peacemobile uses puppets to talk to children about resolving conflict and inventing peaceful ways to deal with life’s upsets.

Develop Disciples to Serve: Lesson plans at will complement your prayerful study of Christ’s Mission Is Our Mission as we all prepare for World Conference, ongoing study, and spiritual formation.

Experience Congregations in Mission: The Makiki Congregation in Honolulu, Hawaii, responded to the call to build compassionate relationships and create sacred spaces to make life better for the burdened by allowing a group to use its property to offer day care for elderly people.



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3 03 2013
Stephen Farris

Try my budget on for size, before you send me things on generosity. I live on a disability pension and support a disabled wife and her daughter. I buy medicine, pay Doctors and Domestic expences before I buy food. A year ago I came into a small windfall and it went into a white envelope with no name on it whatsoever, I put it into oblation. I squeezed 100 dollars out of my budget last month to buy my wife underware. Come help me if you can find the money you need in my bank account you can have it. I love God and he feeds me, because everyday the is a mircle at the dinner table. The truth is there are many in the church who have the same problem I do.

26 02 2013
Terry Flowers

I used this article in the Disciples Generous Response on February 17th. The theme for the day was Our First Fruits and it fit in quite well.

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