Popular Video Sermon Series Enters Third Year

18 02 2013

BY JAYLENE O’KEEFE, Integrated Communications

Keep ’em coming!”

This has been the most common reaction to the popular “Witness the Word: Sermons on Demand” video series as it nears completion of its second year. “Witness the Word” brings mission-centered sermons from sought-after preachers and new voices to congregations near and far.

“Witness the Word” debuted in 2011 as a quarterly series, offering three sermons per release on DVD and the church’s website. It gave congregations 12 annual sermon options, featuring people like President Steve Veazey, Apostle Linda Booth, and former Presiding Evangelist Danny Belrose.

In mid-2012, we added three moments for A Disciple’s Generous Response (DGR) to each quarter’s release, highlighting presenters such as Presiding Bishop Steve Jones, Apostle Stassi Cramm, and Financial Officer Carla Long.

In the coming year, expect sermons and DGR moments from leaders representing the church’s international diversity. They’ll include Jennifer de Guzman, Southeast Asia Mission Center assistant to the president; Catherine Mambwe, president and financial officer of the South Central Africa Mission Centre; and Ruben Landeros, president of the Mexico-Texas (Mexico/USA) Mission Center.

We’ve also invited preachers you suggested in our online survey. Look for Jimmy Munson, mission coordinator for the Mid-South USA Mission Center; Apostle Susan Oxley; and more from President Veazey.

Sermons on the web extend our reach far beyond Sunday mornings and church walls, with impact in far-flung places and lives. A viewer from Dublin, Ireland, contacted us on Facebook with thanks for the inclusive message of “No Matter What!” a sermon by Jane Gardner, president of the Quorum of High Priests.

And inspired by Carla Long’s “The Parable of the Toilet Paper,” the Wiarton Congregation of Ontario, Canada, collected and donated 626 rolls of toilet paper to a food bank. It also committed to contributing needed items monthly.

While originally envisioned as congregational sermon options, “Witness the Word” sermons also have been used in Sunday school classes and shared with seekers and shut-ins. Small congregations and those with few priesthood have found them especially helpful.

Have you used “Witness the Word” in your congregation? Try it! Free DVDs are mailed to pastors in Australia, the British Isles, Canada, and the USA. Also, the videos are available for download at www.CofChrist.org/worship/sermons.asp. Look for new releases in March, June, September, and December annually.



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