Why I’m Home in Community of Christ

29 09 2012

BY KEITH McMILLAN, president of seventy


Keith McMillan finds joy and love in the intergenerational makeup of congregations.

grew up in a small congregation in San Antonio, Texas, where my dad was pastor for many years. Immediately following him, my mom became pastor of the Dellcrest Congregation and “did it right!” (her words).

I am the youngest of six kids. We all pitched in to mow the extensive church yard, do upkeep and gardening, and install and update the large outdoor sign. We attended every service, youth group, potluck, and activity.

We all rode together in our family station wagon (I was always stuck in the back) and laughed and talked to and from these events.

I remember as a young boy going to the homes of “mentors” from this congregation between the morning Sunday service and the evening one, where they would hand me back to my parents (sometimes with a sigh of relief).

Sometimes I would go on rounds with Dr. Melanyzer from our congregation to visit his sick and dying patients. I learned so much about compassion and sympathy during these years. Other times I would visit the office shop of an electrician (Dick Duke) from my branch. It had the most amazing train set and fun gadgets he had invented. I learned the value of creativity and hard work in seeing a vision of what something could become and then making it in his workshop.

There is something wonderfully inspiring in talking about how to design—and then create—a monkey on a unicycle that rolls to the door on a wire above one’s head to greet customers with a smile.

The balancing act between congregational love and family love was always easy for me. Regularly I would eat with an elderly couple (the Halls). They taught me the love and value of a fellowship of believers with a common goal of sharing Jesus Christ and this fellowship with others.

Many, many times we would invite guests back to our home for Sunday pot roast to continue fellowship begun at church that day. I learned the value of “putting your feet under the table” with others and just sharing lives.

The congregational events and my family were intertwined in a wonderful fellowship that continues today with those of the older generation who are still alive.

We shared birthdays, weddings, and family events with other families of the congregation, and they shared the exciting events of their lives.

We lived in community. We were a community of Christ. I am Community of Christ, and I find that vibrant community wherever I go.



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4 10 2012
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