Invitation on Wheels

15 09 2012

BY SCOTT BLAIR, Independence, Missouri, USA

A few years ago, I was working in a congregation as a youth minister. I encouraged the youth to be invitational, and they were good at bringing friends. But one young man had no clue how his invitation would grow.

Naithan, who had a difficult life, lived about three miles from church. He had made contact with our congregation through his aunt. He hadn’t attended long when he asked if he could invite some friends. I told him absolutely and added that—with parents’ permission—we would pick them up.

I was driving a five-seater, so I had some room. Naithan started by inviting his brother and sister. They soon invited others.

Because of the many youth starting to come, my wife and I decided to get a minivan. It added another row of seating. That was important because those friends started inviting more friends. Soon, there wasn’t enough space. I had to start asking other drivers to help.

Some days, up to 17 youth came from the neighborhood! Over the next couple of years, we invited them to follow Christ.
Several took the path of the disciple and claimed membership in Community of Christ. They all had stories of why they decided to follow Christ, but each had the same origin.

Through Naithan’s passion to invite others, our youth group and congregation experienced God’s movement in new ways.



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