Unexpected Ministry, Blessings

16 07 2012

By BLANCHE TRUDELL, Greenfield, Missouri, USA

One baptism led to another for the Stockton Congregation in Missouri.

The Lord is working in our little congregation.

In October, a neighbor, Charles Edwards Sr., or Chuck, asked if I’d do a favor for him. Then he asked me to baptize him. I told him yes, but because he hadn’t attended our church much, I wanted him to know more about it first.

All four of his children—Sarah, Lisa, Kimberly, and Charles Edwards Jr.—already had been baptized. I had taken them to church and church camps for years. I had invited their dad several times, but he hadn’t seemed interested and had attended only a couple of times,

I had taught all four children in pre-baptismal classes, but I hadn’t thought of classes for adults. I asked Chuck when a convenient time would be to start. He answered, “Tomorrow.”

I wasn’t ready, so I began to pray. When I got home, everything I needed just seemed to be on top of my study material.

Chuck had been sick for years with kidney problems, and he’d suffered a heart attack several years ago. He wanted the baptism before he started dialysis, so I knew it would be soon. Also, it gets cold in Missouri, and he was willing to go into Stockton Lake for the baptism.

Instead I told him we could use a heated font in nearby Lamar, Missouri.

The week before his baptism, I asked if he thought Laura, his wife, would like to be baptized with him. She had attended the pre-baptismal classes with the children. He said no, but he added it would be all right to ask her. So I visited their home and invited her.

First she said no. We talked a bit more, and I told her to let me know if she changed her mind. Then I talked to Chuck a few minutes.

Suddenly, Laura said, “Yes I will. I will be baptized with Chuck on Sunday!”

We held the service November 26 in Lamar, and I baptized them both. The next day they were confirmed in Stockton.



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17 07 2012
Marvin Kleinau

Time is always on Christ’s side. Love takes a while to sink in and become a staple in one’s life. I would guess most reactions to commitment of any kind is first no, then maybe, before it is yes. I love the way these folks handled it.

17 07 2012
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