In Reverie and Reality, We Give Thanks

25 05 2012

BY JANE WATKINS, Lakeland, Florida, USA

I recently spent a weekend at Deerhaven Campground (Paisley, Florida), attending a gathering geared to evangelists and high priests. During a worship session, we sat quietly and meditated.

As we let our thoughts float, piano notes on a CD began to play softly. I marveled at our ability to hear more than one music line as other instruments joined in harmony.

Suddenly I realized the piano tune was familiar, yet I couldn’t remember the song. I closed my eyes and immersed myself deeper in the melody. At once I was transported back into the large room where my Sunday school class met. I was a first-grader, sitting in a small chair, watching the dust motes that danced on the sunbeams streaming into the room.

My congregation met in a large, converted mansion house. To a 7-year-old, that didn’t seem one bit odd. It was my church home. Memories of this place, and especially people, flooded my reverie.

I could see Ruby Farrell playing the piano for our primary classes, and I remembered with clarity my teacher, Sister Lyman Smith. She was white-haired and elderly, and she kept order by tapping her pencil eraser on the table. And then there was junior church, with dear “Aunt Pearl.” She encouraged us to give to a fund for a needy child in South America who was sustained mainly through Aunt Pearl’s limited income.

As I continued to struggle with the melody still playing on the CD, bits of the song returned to my memory. I marveled at the influence these dear women had on my life. I wanted so much to play piano like Ruby, teach like Sister Smith, and be as much like Jesus as Aunt Pearl.

How could I have known they were Developing Disciples to Serve? Did they realize the impact they had on this busy, active group of children? Almost 60 years have passed, yet their faces and commitment swim clearly in my mind’s eye.

And what song started this daydream? “For the Beauty of the Earth”! I thank God for patient, caring, tenderhearted people who groom our children to be the church of tomorrow.

“Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise.”




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25 05 2012
William RAISER

Off topic: this is the second time I’ve read these accounts to find at the end, as a result of the system being used I assume, an ad for, today, the video game Dungeons and Dragons. Strange combination. The ad is in French as I’m viewing from France. Not sure if there’s anything you can do about this…

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