Heavenly Match

16 05 2012

BY CHRISTINE PIGEON, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

A person they hardly knew provided help, health, and hope for the family of Sean Pigeon.

Doctors diagnosed my husband, Sean, with kidney disease when he was in his early 20s. He fought the disease about 20 years, but the fight became increasingly harder.

He spent most of his time in bed. He lost weight. Soon he suffered from muscle deterioration and a poor immune system. Kidney disease leads to a gradual shutdown of many organs.

When I learned about the national kidney-swap program, I quickly volunteered. But after much testing, I learned I wasn’t a match. Others offered to donate, but none worked out.

During this ordeal, Sean, our two boys, and I tried to make the best of our situation. We were never alone. We received the continual support of family, friends, and our church. God’s love, through the kindness and generosity of others, lifted us.

Still, Sean’s health continued to worsen. My children were losing their father, and I was losing my companion and best friend. I couldn’t shake the fear that threatened to consume me. Only my faith kept me from giving up. I had to let go, and let God be God.

Then Mathew came into our lives.

We met him at a family camp reunion, where he was the guest minister. Sean and I chatted with Mathew and his wife, Irina, over dinner one evening. Our boys liked them from the start. We talked for only an hour because Sean had to leave for a medical appointment.

“You can’t leave now,” Mathew kidded. “I’m just starting to like you!”

It was clear by Sean’s smile that he felt the same way.

Several months later, Mathew contacted me and asked how Sean was doing. He took great interest in the donor program. Eventually, we learned that Mathew and Sean had the same blood type. Mathew wanted to donate his kidney!

In a matter of seconds, hope was restored! I asked Mathew why he wanted to do this for someone he barely knew. He simply said he had prayed about it and felt this was something God was calling him to do. I later learned this would be Mathew’s first surgery. Who was this guy? What an incredible person!

Within months Mathew passed all the tests. Several times he drove from Barrie to Ottawa. Mathew’s kidney was such a good match that they almost could have been brothers!

The transplant took place May 12, 2011. Sean’s new kidney began to work within moments. By the second day, he went from being pale and sickly to vibrant and healthy. To the staff’s astonishment, Sean soon was walking with little to no pain. The transformation was amazing!

I can’t begin to describe my relief and the awesome gratitude that comes from such a tremendous gift.

I pray this testimony will bring hope to others struggling in the darkness. May they feel assured, God is with you, always!



2 responses

16 05 2012
Christine Galbraith-Pigeon

Thank you for sharing your story. I know that moments like these are precious, and it warms the heart to hear of others who have “been there” and given great hope through the prayers and kindness of others.

16 05 2012
Michael Weathers

I recognize how Christine and Sean feel so blessed – and – to know a person willingly has sacrificed for you in order your life will be restored.

This kind of overwhelming love happened to me and my family just over six (6) years ago when I was given a liver. My life has been extended literally with a testimony of loving, prayerful support. Life is wonderful and inspiring!

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