The Quiet Beauty of Nature

27 02 2012


It is mid-August, and I am away from home. When my daughter travels out of state, I stay at her home to care for Maggie Rose.

Maggie is a Maine coon cat. She turned 14 this month. I come here because Maggie has a tube in her stomach and needs to be fed every 12 hours. My daughter is a veterinarian and travels across Michigan and out of state.

I look out the double glass doors at Lake Huron. Large freighters pass in the distance, carrying iron ore. Various wildlife—geese, goslings, swans, cygnets, and sea gulls—all move near shore. The goslings follow the mother goose, looking for food. The cygnets run to and fro. Sea gulls squawk at one another. On the lawn various birds visit the bird feeders. On the grass squirrels and rabbits eat corn.

The environment is quiet, and the wildlife warms my heart. God’s creation is beautiful.

The birds follow a “pecking order.” The larger birds stay by the feeder and crowd out the smaller birds. Now and then there is a confrontation. A smaller bird moves away, then comes back. The rabbits and squirrels seem satisfied to nibble corn scattered on the grass.

As I walk in the cool morning I see colorful wildflowers mixed with grass and shrubs. In the distance, a doe and fawn cross into a wooded area.

Something stirs within me. In this quiet space, I know God has created each of us for a purpose and is calling us forth.

Find a quiet place. Rest your hand gently on your heart. Breathe softly and be aware of your body. Close your eyes and imagine a soft light within your heart, warming your hand. Let your imagination follow this glow as it moves deeper and deeper into the recesses of your heart.

What does this light help you see, feel, and know? Ponder how the Holy Spirit calls you forth and pray for guidance.



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27 02 2012
Diane Sosebee

beautiful reflection and “heart” warming!

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