Pastors and Leaders Field Guide

18 02 2012

BY DAVID D. SCHAAL, The First Presidency
and RON HARMON, Council of Twelve Apostles

The mission of Jesus Christ is not just an idea. It is not a program. The mission of Jesus Christ arises from our relationships with God and one another. It is holistic. It is experienced when individuals and congregations share the gospel in ways that bless people’s whole lives—the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual.

The Pastors and Leaders Field Guide is a new tool to help pastors and congregational leaders live shared practices of Christian discipleship that create a congregational culture shaped by the mission of Jesus Christ. The field guide also is designed to help pastors and leaders carry out the basic elements of organization and administration required for a well-functioning congregation.

The field guide is available at Arrangements are being made with mission center presidents to provide print copies for congregational leaders who do not have Internet access.

Each article in the field guide focuses on a specific topic. It includes foundational concepts, important questions to consider, and specific suggestions and practices to begin. Each is written by a minister who has experience starting these ministries in congregational life. Articles can be copied and used with leadership teams, priesthood, and groups of disciples who are considering ministries that relate to the topics.

The church is grateful for the dedicated service of our pastors and congregational leaders. We hope this field guide will be a practical resource for people who are grounding their leadership in a relationship with Christ and looking for practical ways to give that leadership expression through the life of the congregation.

Field Guide Topics:

New Pastors
Responding to the Call
•        Pastoring Basics
•        The Congregation Embodies Christ’s Mission
•        What Mission Means

Exploring Mission

•        Sharing Leadership and Ministry
•        Discovering Our Context for Mission
•        Becoming Sacred Community: A Foundation for Mission
•        Discerning God’s Call for Mission
•        Orienting Mission around the Gifts of All Ages

Orienting Congregational Life toward Mission

•        Building a Pastor’s Leadership Team
•        Caring for the Most Vulnerable
•        Cultivating Individual and Group Spiritual Practices
•        Disciple Formation (Christian Education) for Mission
•        Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministries
•        Finding Balance and Renewal
•        Invitation, Witness, and Hospitality
•        Modeling and Leading Generosity
•        Pastoral Care Ministry
•        Priesthood Ministry: Developing Mutual Expectations
•        Sacraments in a Mission-focused Congregation
•        Scripture in a Mission-focused Congregation
•        Ministry Together with Young Adults
•        Worship Planning

Establishing Organizational Effectiveness

•        Communication Is Essential to Effective Ministry
•        Congregation Audits
•        Leading Congregational Conferences (Business Meetings)
•        Legal and Risk Issues
•        Protecting Our Children
•        Missional Budget
•        Planning and Calendar
•        Priesthood Call: Discerning and Processing
•        Questions and Where to Find Answers
•        Resources: Descriptions and Locations




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