Finding His Place, Inviting Others

16 02 2012

BY KRIS JUDD, president of seventy

Kahealani Faaturari, a vibrant Community of Christ member in Papeete, Tahiti, is passionate about inviting others to find the treasure he has discovered.

Kahe was introduced to the church 12 years ago, when he was 8. His father found the church and introduced Kahe to it. But Kahe’s mother encouraged him to continue to attend another church. At age 10 Kahe entered the Catholic church, where he joined in retreats, was a choir leader, and led songs for worship.

Even at a young age, Kahe knew he wanted to work for a church, but he did not yet know it would be Community of Christ. At age 17, he began searching for a church aligned better with his beliefs and that could answer questions he had.

Because of his father’s membership in the Tiona Congregation, Kahe became friends with Mareva Arnaud, French Polynesia Mission Center president, and her husband, Muna. Following a young-adult retreat, Kahe told Muna he wanted to be baptized in Community of Christ.

“I observed these people…how they lived in community, how they shared their joy, happiness, and love with one another,” Kahe said. During a worship service, he accepted Christ into his heart and encountered a spirit and feeling different than he ever had known.

At age 18 Kahe was baptized and confirmed as a member of the church, and his early decision to serve God was confirmed again.

“I knew that if God touched me, God can touch another person,” Kahe said. Since then he has invited others to enter fellowship with Community of Christ.

He now works as a youth minister for the mission center while teaching hula classes at his own school. He has invited his students to share in worship with him, and his teaching focuses on the spiritual, as well as physical, nature of dance.

Some days he cancels classes because of his work with the church. Kahe says his priorities reflect the joy he has found. “Community of Christ is a gift to me.”

Now he wants to share this treasure with others who also are searching for a place to belong.



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