Walking the Disciple’s Path

23 01 2012

Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Loyal Frederick hoisted the final roll of wire fence onto his truck while he and his wife, Joan, talked with a priesthood member. The man had just said: “We’ve really enjoyed having you two attend church recently. Have you ever thought about being baptized and joining the church?”

Their answer was immediate. “Yes. We really enjoy the fellowship here. But we were baptized some years ago. Would we have to be rebaptized? ”

Loyal, a long-distance truck driver, had moved often to follow his work, and they seldom had gone to any church. Now retired, they often attended the Inland Congregation in Interlochen, Michigan, with their son’s family.

Loyal and Joan began classes to learn more about Community of Christ, followed by a joy-filled confirmation service, with their earlier baptisms being accepted as the day they gave themselves to the Lord.

“The priesthood member who invited us to join became very ill and hospitalized,” Joan said, “but he talked with the pastor to be sure we were going to be confirmed. He was thinking about us and not himself. And I knew then it was time for me to commit myself to Jesus again.

“Before I had only connected with Jesus in prayer when I was at my wit’s end. But now I realized I was receiving from him and not giving back. I’m striving now to get closer to God and be a better Christian.”

Joan and Loyal serve in any way they can, and they faithfully attend church events. They are walking the path of disciples for Christ.

“We met some good people there who made us feel like part of the family,” Loyal said. “We are grateful that they accepted us into their fellowship.”



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31 01 2012
Integrated Communications

I believe that will be live on the web tomorrow…Feb 1.

31 01 2012
Robert Logan

Looking for “The First Signal Community: Acts 2” as directed on page 13, February 2012 Herald.

…couldn’t find it here!


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