“I Wanted to Be a Part of Something…Beautiful”

19 01 2012

Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

On July 16, 2011, I was confirmed a member of Community of Christ upon my baptism, which I received in October 1991.

After years in my original church, I discovered I no longer could submit to religious dogma that appeared to alienate groups and individuals. I longed for my church to accept people regarding their unique situations, circumstances, and experiences. I longed for a practice in respecting and accepting diversity.

About two years ago I began occasionally attending Community of Christ services with my friend, Barb. We shared many discussions regarding religion and spirituality. I was very interested in her approach to life and church. Last summer my stepdaughter and I attended church camp with Barb. There was plenty of music and fun, and I had the chance to immerse myself in literature, discussion, and reflection.

I decided to become a member simply because I wanted to be a part of something I see as beautiful and the way that Christ would have it.

I remember my sincere desire to become a disciple of Jesus when I was baptized almost 20 years ago. It is with the same sincerity that I researched, prayed about, and decided to become a member of Community of Christ. I am grateful for the sacred moment of baptism that would guide my decisions and experiences, including the ones that created the path that led me to Community of Christ.

My grandfather was an integral part of that baptism. He helped me to learn of its importance and then performed the ordinance. I am grateful to carry the experience and validity of my previous baptism into my confirmation with Community of Christ.

My confirmation was beautiful, peaceful, and empowering as Barb performed the ordinance with a male priesthood holder alongside her. The chance to include both genders reflects the balance and equality I like to see represented in church responsibilities.

Although my grandpa is no longer with me, I believe my involvement in Community of Christ would please him.

Since my confirmation I have experienced repeat confirmations from the Spirit that it was an excellent decision for me. I’m grateful for faith and hope that have confirmed to me that Community of Christ is a supportive place where I can align my values and share my testimony of Jesus Christ in word and deed.



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19 01 2012

Peace and blessings to you Rhonda, peace and blessings ~

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