Rainbow Kids

28 11 2011

BY KAT HNATYSHYN, Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Twelve years ago the Shawnee Drive Congregation in Kansas voted to close its doors. One week later, newly converted Laura Huyett, a young adult, stood at a business meeting with tear-filled eyes and asked members to reconsider. She said there was more ministry to be done in the community. They were moved to respond.

Lanelle Radcliffe started a vacation Bible school, and Laura volunteered. At its fourth and final meeting, somebody asked, “What’s next week?” Laura said, “I don’t know, but it will be fun!” And so Rainbow Kids began. Laura has led it ever since with the help of many wonderful volunteers.
After more than a decade, she said, they have seen many of those first Rainbow Kids go to college, get married, and start families. Some now bring their own children to Rainbow Kids and volunteer. Over the years the number of children participating has averaged as high as 50. Now, this Wednesday-evening program is going strong with about 30 each week.

It isn’t easy. The kids may or may not “get” the lesson. They may or may not even get along. But year after year—they find they are loved! They are loved by Rainbow Kids leaders, loved by the congregation, and most of all loved by their Savior, Jesus Christ.

They have been fortunate to have the money to support this outreach, Laura said. How many congregations, she wondered, have the skills, volunteers, and passion to do something but do not have the funds to make it happen?

As a young adult, pastor, priesthood member, member, volunteer, and financial contributor, Laura gives to the mission initiatives of the worldwide church to enable more congregations to fulfill Christ’s mission. She committed to increasing her mission tithes by giving $10 more each week to help people around the world.

“Our congregation is known in the community,” Laura said. “Several kids turn to us when they are in trouble because they know Community of Christ is a safe, accepting, and Christ-filled community. I would love for other communities to know the unconditional love and acceptance they can find in Christ.”




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28 11 2011
Terry Flowers

Thank you Kat for sharing the love and peace of Christ.

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