The Red Towel

29 10 2011

By GEORGE FARNELL, Mobile, Alabama, USA

Ben and Angie, a homeless couple, received ministry through a soup kitchen and cold-weather shelter in Crestview, Florida.

Ann Sprague, a member of the Crestview Congregation, was involved with the shelter and had donated a stack of towels for those in need.

Someone told Ben if he could get to Dallas, he might find a job, so they set out for Texas. After arriving in McKinney (just north of Dallas) they decided to attend the local Community of Christ congregation.

Rod and Kathy Tillman, members of the McKinney Congregation, invited the couple to stay with them until they could become settled.

Some days later, Angie did some laundry and was walking down a hall when Rod spotted a red towel. He asked about it, and Angie told him she had received it while staying at the Crestview shelter.

Rod then asked Angie and Ben to come with him. He took them into a room filled with golf-related items. He showed them a collection of various colored towels.

From 1999 to 2009 Rod and Kathy had sponsored an annual golf retreat in memory of their son, Chad, who had died in a climbing accident. Each year every participant received a towel on which was printed the retreat logo, their son’s name, and the year of the retreat.

The red (though faded) towel Angie had was from the 2004 retreat. Rod and Kathy could not believe their eyes! They all wondered how it found its way to Ben and Angie and then the Tillman home.

All agreed: This was not a mystery. It was just another of those small miracles that happens when people are brought together through the Spirit of Christ.



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29 10 2011

Wonderful testimony of the love and grace of an awesome God. Thank you for sharing.

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