A Steadfast Faith

27 07 2011

by Joey Williams, Translations

At the risk of sounding cheesy…my mother is an amazing woman! But I must admit, my perception of her has changed greatly over the years.

While there are many things since childhood I always admired about my mother, I now realize there are just as many things I learned to admire. And with summer camps here, I am reminded of the thing I admire most: her steadfast commitment, especially to our youth.

Not only has she served at many youth camps, she has maintained a relationship with those youth and mentored many into adulthood. The same can be said of the many youth groups she has led. And through it all, she has maintained an unwavering conviction in the faith and presence of Jesus Christ.

And she’s funny. Of course we don’t let her know this. We give her the usual “you don’t have jokes mom, so don’t try” line, but every once in a while she gets in a really good one. Like at the 1998 National Youth Workers Convention in Denver, Colorado.

My mother had been honored among 3,500 youth workers as having devoted the most years to youth leadership. (Whoa! And that was a long time ago.)

Anyway, the convention director asked how many years she had served as a youth leader. My mother (in her usual, shy, reserved manner) proudly shouted the astonishing number from her place on the bleachers.

Murmured approval swept through the crowd, and the director, with an astonished look, said, “Wow! Was Jesus in your youth group?” This brought a roar of clapping and laughter from the crowd. It became even livelier when my mother, without hesitation, shouted back, “He still is!”

That’s what it takes—a steadfast faith. No matter what our roles may be, we must keep God’s commandments, keep our commitments, keep holding onto that steadfast faith, knowing God will have our backs in everything we do.

That is the kind of faith that keeps the deacon in the church long after the crowd has left, making sure everything is in its place. That’s the kind of faith that helps us hold our head up every day in a society where our children are not always safe.

That’s the kind of faith that keeps the youth worker going year after year, without burnout, knowing beyond all doubt that no matter if everything is running smooth, or feels like it might fall apart…God has been. God is. And God always will be…in that camp, in that congregation, and in that youth group.



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27 07 2011
Terry Flowers

Great testimony and challenge Joey. Thanks for sharing.

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