Blessings in Abundance

9 06 2011

Linda McDaniel (l.) provides Lenten ministry

by David R. Brock
presiding evangelist

I can’t decide.


Do I tell about Evangelist Digna Altamirano of Honduras traveling (through the generosity of tithes and offerings) to Cartagena, Colombia, to offer ministry of blessing where it has never before been offered?


Do I tell about the 10 evangelist blessings, four baptisms and confirmations, and the classes and visits with Pastor Yaneth Hernandez to members and friends in just a few activity-packed days? Or maybe I should just tell about 80-year-old “Abuela” (grandmother), who hugged Digna and gave her a blessing with a prayer of encouragement and the accompanying presence of the Holy Spirit.


Or, maybe I should tell about the noon-hour Lenten journey experiences at Shalom Place in the Temple each workday from Ash Wednesday to Maundy Thursday. I could describe the Native American “Wiping of Tears” ritual with sage and eagle feathers and ceremonial tobacco and the silence and the prayers and the drumbeat and the song to the four directions and the Presence that freed some to ask Community of Christ elders to offer the sacrament of healing afterward.


Should I tell about the pain and struggle that so many carry as secret burden: the child who suffers from mental disease; the struggle for strength to break a debilitating habit; the loss of trust in a relationship? Or, I should try to describe my own feelings as I lay my hands on one of those heads, with no answer, no solution, yet knowing God heard and responded as tears of relief flowed?


But, there also is the homework club in Spokane Valley, Washington, USA, or the Homestead Community Café at the Guildford Congregation in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, or the amazing story of how Edwin Wanyando came to be ordained as evangelist in Nairobi, Kenya, a few weeks ago.


So many instances of sacramental living daily brought to my awareness in our faith community, in the human community, in creation. Which one do I choose?


I can’t decide.



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9 06 2011
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