Why I Follow Jesus

31 05 2011

by CARLOS ENRIQUE MEJIA, Council of Twelve Apostles

Many times, people find themselves weighed down, tired, and overwhelmed. And they don’t know how to change their situation.

The scriptures hold a marvelous invitation from Christ to help alleviate this, but you know something? Many of us ignore that call, that invitation to follow Jesus and find rest and joy in him.

Personally I follow Jesus for many reasons.

Twenty-eight years ago I was in a very difficult situation, and I couldn’t share it with anyone. I was doing things that were destroying me, little by little. I was involved in a world of drugs. I started using when I was 11 years old, and I found myself unable to stop. I had to wrestle with this on my own because I didn’t know there was someone who could help me escape and restore my life.

In 1984 a missionary seventy came to my town to start a congregation. This man and his wife invited my now-deceased brother to church. Back then, we worked at a bakery that we had.

One day my brother, Ramos Salvador Mejia, became gravely ill. The missionary came to our house and explained the sacrament of laying on of hands for the sick. A miracle occurred in Ramos’ life. Something extraordinary happened in our family, which was stunned to see his healing. Something especially happened to me as I saw a light of hope for my own problem.

I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation to go church and heed the call of Christ. I asked with all my heart that if he was real to heal me of my drug addiction. I promised to follow and serve him if he would help me. I gave my life to Christ, and what I asked for came to me. Everything changed.

My wife, Carmen, and I began a direct experience with God. We put God in the center of our relationship, and we have been blessed with two daughters.

Carmen Eloisa, a journalist, married Ronald Urbina in August 2010, and this July they will make me a happy grandfather! Our other daughter, Karla Corina, is single and a lawyer. She is a priest and a part of the praise ministry, “SION,” of San Pedro Sula.

In Christ and in this church I have found what I did not have and what I didn’t know existed. Today I am a happy man. I have many reasons to follow and serve Jesus and my brothers and sisters in the Central and South America Field, and wherever else God sends me.

Jesus and my family are the main supports for my ministry. Without their help I could not do this beautiful work, which I love. Every day it makes me feel responsible, and I always want to give the best of myself so that I can accomplish the purpose for which I was called…the good of others.

As for you, what is your motive for following Jesus? Tell it to your friends at school, at work, in your neighborhood, wherever you go. If you do this, you will help others find what I was lacking and what I found in Jesus.





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