World Service Corps Expands Volunteers’ Horizons

28 09 2010

by Patty Wilson
Herald Team

World Service Corps recently sent 18 volunteers into cultures they never had experienced to offer ministry and service.

They returned with a strong appreciation for the beauty, people, and experiences.

After training in May, the volunteers headed from Independence, Missouri, to South Korea, Philippines, South America, Pacific Islands, Zambia, Canada, Mid-Atlantic USA Mission Center, and Prairie Bluffs USA Mission Center. They were to live in these places throughout their service—two months for most. Volunteers then returned home to share about ministry affected by those they met and served with. The experience made a dramatic impact.

“Africa is the most beautiful place I have ever been, and I love all the people who are here!” said Colleen Brian, who served in Zambia. The experience also impressed Andrew Nilsen, who went to South America.

“My WSC placement was an amazing opportunity to experience the loving, international presence of Community of Christ by living and working with incredible individuals in their native culture and language,” Nilsen said. “It was equal parts eye-opening, challenging, and inspiring!”

And Brandon Stanley used the opportunity to learn more about the people of South America.
“I didn´t go to convert,” he said. “I went to listen to the stories of the people so I could be an advocate for their needs and wants.”

The Teams

South Korea:
Kristy Sherburn (Michigan) and Memmory Myers (Michigan)

Philippines (in partnership with Outreach International):
Cory Upson (Missouri) and Paige Webberly (Washington)

Philippines (10 months):
Haley Webb (Texas) and Rene Romig (Ohio)

South America:
Brandon Stanley (Illinois) and Andrew Nilsen (Oregon)

Pacific Islands:
Emily Allen (Illinois) and Emily Rose (Alabama)

Mid-Atlantic USA Mission Center:
Liz Swick (Missouri) and Alicia Mitchell (New South Wales)

Zambia in partnership with HeathEd Connect:
Colleen Brian (Pennsylvania) and Lauren Ballinger (Pennsylvania)

India (6 months) in partnership with local school:
Kathleen Cadman (Utah)

Jake Davis (Missouri)

Prairie Bluffs USA Mission Center:
Aute Tefana and Soraya Depierre (Tahiti)

For More Information Visit or contact or 1-800-825-2806, ext. 2241, to learn more about this program and opportunities to volunteer or host.



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