Worship Resources Build Community

18 09 2010

by Jeanne Davis
Worship Ministries

Worship Resources Year ASharing worship ideas as a denomination is one way we become a closer community. When we witness through meaningful worship, we affirm God’s Spirit among us and engage in the blessings of community.

Worship Resources helps us do this. It gives practical help to worship leaders and committees, empowering congregations.

It draws its weekly themes from the Revised Common Lectionary, a widely used cycle of biblical readings. The lectionary suggests three texts: one from the Old Testament or Hebrew scripture, one from the New Testament, and one from a Gospel for each Sunday. In addition, we add a scripture from the Book of Mormon and another from Doctrine and Covenants.

We include sermon helps written by the World Church Leadership Team and translate them into Spanish, French, and Tagalog. Hundreds of Community of Christ congregations and millions of our Christian friends around the world worship with the same scriptural texts on the same day.

The worship services are guides, with choices that can be adapted to various congregational needs.

To echo the Isaiah 6 model of meeting the Divine, each Sunday’s suggestions include elements from the four parts of worship: praise (Isaiah 6:3), confession (Isaiah 6:5), proclamation (Isaiah 6:6–8), and commitment (Isaiah 6:8).

In addition to the year’s worship services, online special services are available. Worship plans for Advent, Easter, Good Friday, sacraments, funerals,and many more are available to download and use.

Order Worship Resources from Herald House (www.HeraldHouse.org, 1-800-767-8181) and see it online at www.CofChrist.org/worship10-11/.



4 responses

23 09 2010
Jenn Killpack

Judy – I have sent your question to the book’s editors and will post a reply when I get one.

23 09 2010
judy c Falke

Worship resources 2011–will this not have a World Church yearly Theme- Not included on the front of the cover?? Thanks

7 10 2010
Herald Magazine

Dear Judy,
We are no longer using yearly themes for the Worship Resources, there wasn’t a need for one as it was only used for the Front of the Book. Reunion themes at one time related to this, but not any longer.
Jeanne Davis, Worship Specialist

23 09 2010
William L. Raiser

So, we add Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenant scriptures. Why would we let another religious entity determine our message? The choice of scriptures from week-to-week, even though we add thereto, forms a biased message that may, or may not, fit well for us. The Restoration has its own agenda. Let’s determine what it is and proclaim it. Others can follow if they wish.

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